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How to record using iOS device

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How to record using iOS device

Post by BorgHunter on Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:07 pm

This information was found over at the swcommander forum. See the original post here.

For this process to work you need to be running the game on an Apple device (iPhone/iPad) and have a mac with quicktime. You may be able to use quicktime on a PC but I have not tested that.

Step 1) Plug your Apple device into your mac via USB.

Step 2) Open up quicktime.

Step 3) In the menu bar go to File>New Movie Recording

Step 4) Most likely, your Mac's camera will turn on and you will be looking at yourself. You need to change the input by clicking on the small downward arrow near the record button. Click this and set the Camera and Microphone to your Apple device.

Step 5) Mute the sound on your mac just to be sure that you aren't capturing sound from the Mac's microphone. When recording, you will not be able to adjust the sound on your phone from your phone. You can adjust the sound level in quicktime. I advise a little over halfway but please play around and find what works for you. I hope this guide is helpful


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